The Popular Sporting Event – Canadian Grand Prix

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Sporting Event

The Canadian Grand Prix is a popular sporting event where people from all over the world gather to witness the event. The venue for the event is on the Notre Dame Island in the St Lawrence River. The game takes place every year. Canadian race fans do not miss out the event. You can plan out to witness the upcoming Grand Prix event this year. Canadian grand prix hospitality offered has made the event popular, and huge numbers of people gather to enjoy the event. You can get to know more about the Canadian Grand Pix sports event on the site
The article below gives you various details about the Canadian sporting event.

Ticket Cost
The cost of the ticket for the Grand Pix event is very expensive as it is in high demand. You can buy tickets directly or through online. You need to visit the site to book your tickets for the great event online. It is a three-day event, and the ticket costs vary when you buy individual day tickets. Due to high demand, the ticket for the Sunday event costs more than that of the Saturday event. You can buy tickets for nominal rates by opting for general admission which is nearly $127 for all the three days. You need to pay $97 for general admission on Sunday. Children under age 11 can watch the sporting event for free.

Are Tickets Available Now?
You can get general admission tickets each day to the non-seated areas. Popular grand stones tickets are already sold out and the Family Grandstands have tickets for all the three days. The popular Grand Stands ticket cost $275 for three days. Senior citizens can avail concession, and it cost nearly $145.30 for a seat for three days. The information officer of the grand pix says that the seats to the Family Grand Stand can be increased as per demand.

Packages With Hotels
You need to book your rooms with various hotels in Montreal. Grand Prix and hotels in Montreal collaborate so that they offer cheap rooms for stay. The cheapest hotel cost nearly $1620, and at the best grandstand it is expensive, and it costs $2790 for a room. Package tickets are available at the Delta hotel. Package tickets costs are ranging from $1900 for one people and $ 2210 for two people.

Reaching Montreal
The city of Montreal is connected well be road and train transport. You can very well reach Montreal by car or by train as it is the cheapest means of transport. You can reach Montreal through a train, and it takes only five hours to reach your destination. You can also travel through flight. Air Canada has numerous flights operated from Pearson. You need to book your tickets well ahead to avoid a hike in ticket rates.

Types Of Racing
You can witness various types of racing in the Grand Prix event. They are Ferrari challenge, Formula 1600 and Micra cup. The grand prix venue is always busy as different racing takes place throughout the day during the weekend for three days.

The above article proves the popularity of the Canadian Grand Prix event. The information offered above would help people to attend the great event.

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